Scholarship Information

Thank you for applying to the Music in the Mountains Scholarship Fund.  We have formatted our applicant information page with frequently asked questions (FAQ) our students inquire about before applying for scholarship funding.  If you do not find the answers to your questions on this page, please feel free to call (828) 693-3726 to discuss.

Applicants can apply for scholarships by clicking on the “Apply Now” below.  If you have any questions regarding the application process or scholarship recipient requirements, please refer to our FAQ section below or give us a call at (828) 693-3726.

 Q:  Who can apply for Music Academy scholarships?  

A:  Any pre-college or college music student enrolled in private music lessons, a music ensemble, a music class, a pre-college music program, or a university/college music program is eligible to apply for a scholarship. All scholarship applicants must be a resident in Henderson, Transylvania, Polk, Rutherford, or Buncombe Counties in Western North Carolina unless a waiver is granted by the Board of Directors.

Q:  How long are scholarships funded?  

A:  Pre-college scholarships are funded for a period of six months from January to June and July to December each calendar year. Applicants must reapply for additional six month periods. If a scholarship recipient decides not to fulfill their scholarship requirements, for any reason, the unused portion of their scholarship will go back into our general scholarship fund to be awarded to future, qualified applicants. University and college music scholarships are awarded on a traditional school year basis.

Q:  What is the scholarship application process?  

A:  Click HERE to begin the application process.  All scholarship applicants must complete this form and have a written recommendation from a private music teacher, school music teacher (band, orchestra, chorus, general music), or any other music mentor (church music director, etc.) to accompany the application. This recommendation can be uploaded with the online application. Application deadlines are November 30th for the upcoming January through June funding period and May 31st for the July through December funding period.

Q:  How does the Music in the Mountains Scholarship Fund determine scholarship funding amounts?  

A:  The Music in the Mountains Scholarship Fund Board of Directors normally funds 50% of the required tuition for the first scholarship funding period for private lessons, music classes, ensembles, camps, and various other pre-college music education activities.   Additional scholarship amounts for subsequent funding periods are determined by scholarship recipient performance and complete of the community service project during each funding period. The highest percentage of funding is normally 75% of the total tuition. University and college music scholarships are awarded with a specific dollar amount set by our donors and Board of Directors. The Music in the Mountains Board of Directors takes several factors into consideration when awarding scholarships. These factors include financial need, proposed commitment to music education, talent, and current performance skill level.

Q:  What are the requirements and obligations of pre-college scholarship recipients?  

A:  The Music in the Mountains Scholarship Fund has high expectations for all scholarship recipients.  Significant preparation and mandatory attendance on the scholarship recipient’s part is required for all pre-college private lessons, ensemble, and music classes that are funded by our scholarship program.  Some scholarships require recipients to volunteer four hours of their time to a music-related community service project each scholarship funding period.  Please read our Current Available Scholarships page for the requirements of each scholarship. Proof of these volunteer hours must be presented to the Board of Directors for future funding considerations by community service verification form HERE. Future scholarship funding is determined by the recipients performance and community service during each scholarship funding period.

Q:  Can an awarded scholarship be revoked?  

A:  Yes.  Scholarships can be revoked upon the recommendation of the private lesson instructor, classroom teacher, or ensemble director to the Music in the Mountains Board of Directors if students are not fulfilling their preparation and attendance obligations as well as their community service project.